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Allowing traders to establish specific rules for both trade entries and exits through automation.

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Innovation is key to success…

We pride ourselves on innovation, collaborative and efficient way of work that revolutionises every day.

There are many lessons to learn in the world of trading and our goal is to learn to trade better every day.

With the will to succeed and the innovation of trading technologies, we can change the lives of traders who accept the past and embrace the future…

Steve Donnelly
Learn It – Trade It – Do It

My Story

A Little About Me

27 years ago I was among a new breed of investor, the amateur trader. The sudden market appeal for technology stocks had catapulted valuations to stratospheric levels and seemed to make trading in tech shares a one-way bet to riches. The internet had also brought the stock exchange in real time to everyone.

Today, online trading by retail investors is a huge industry. Many thousands of amateur traders log on each day in an effort to beat the market, competing bets on the value of stuff. In the main, they fail and fail quickly.

If you know my story, you’ve heard about my 9 years of really horrible trading as a day trader. I was the absolute worst trader on the planet. I should have given up many times, but I never did, at the heart of it I love to trade, I love the numbers and I love the flow on the Market.

Something changed for me. Instead of trying to learn how to trade, I decided to treat trading as a problem that I NEEDED to solve. I did just that, the biggest problem was me! This website is part of how I solved my problem, what I used to solve it and how I found an edge that was staring me right in the face every day.