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IOHK | Developers’ meetup for Cardano, University College London

Cardano the Gold Standard of Cryptocurrency

The first developers’ meetup for Cardano was held in London in April. The event was organised by the Cardano Foundation with support from London Blockchain Labs and the LSE Blockchain Society and held at University College London.

The event, Insights into Cardano Development: Past, Present and Future, explored the history of Cardano development. Duncan Coutts, IOHK Director of Engineering, explained how Cardano had been designed to be robust and resilient, and how its blockchain had been running without downtime since it was launched last year. Benchmark testing has been essential to model performance of the system, and developers have looked to formal methods techniques in ensuring they develop a solid system.

The future of Cardano will offer smart contracts, and the technology is currently in development. More features will steadily be added, such as sidechains, a multi-currency ledger, mobile wallets, and the system will become higher assurance.

Members from the senior development team at IOHK included Neil Davies, System Performance Scientist; Philipp Kant; Director of Formal Methods, and Darko Mijic, Cross-Platform Developer, Daedalus.

More detailed notes about the presentation are available on the Cardano Forum:

Slides from the presentation are available at the link above.

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